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W E L C O M E T O B E C A U S E I ' M H I S !

This little piece of the internet has been a dream for a while now — but it was one that was a little bit terrifying to step into. Because I'm His was born out of darkness. In the middle of a crippling season of anxiety and panic, our founder do the only thing she knew do: She turned to the Lord.

She didn't do this to be holy.

She didn't do this so she could check-off the box.

She did it as a means of survival.

She did it because God's word was truly the only thing that could bring her snippets of peace when everything around her seemed to be spinning out of control.

Sleep was a delicacy during this time -- yet when her alarm went off each morning, she peeled back the covers without ever hitting snooze. Sleep was precious, yes, but time with the Lord was even more cherished.

She'd pour her coffee, plop down on her couch and pull a fleece blanked up over her legs. With shaking hands, a clouded head and a knotted stomach, she'd grab her Bible and her journal and begin digging into God's word like it was her first meal after a long fast. In the beginning, even as she read truth, her mind was plagued with interruptions masked as dark and anxious thoughts.

It was if there was a force of darkness poised against her, doing everything in its power to keep her from the life-giving fruits of God's word.

So she got more intentional. Out of pure desperation, she buckled down and became more determined than ever to keep the enemy out.

She opened her journal and began to write out qualities of God in one column and then what those qualities meant for her in another column.

Because God is with me, I don't have to fear.

Because God's forgiven me, I have no shame.

Because God loves me, I am cared for.

Because God is all powerful, I am kept safe.

Because I am His, I am redeemed, loved, whole, safe, forgiven, capable, more than a conqueror, free, strong and accepted.

(Just to name a few, right?)

And slowly, the more she rooted her identity in Christ, the chains of anxiety didn't seem so heavy and tight. Eventually, they stopped digging into her wrists and, unlocked, they fell right off. The deeper and more intimately aware of who God said she was, the weaker and sillier the lies the enemy slung at her started to seem.

Lies shrink, shirk and shrivel in the presence of His almighty truth.

And just like that, Because I'm His was born.

Because I'm His exists because of the belief that the truest thing about us is that we are HIS. Nothing or no one gets to change that. No one gets to combat it or take it away. You are His and you are His for all eternity. He chose you when He traded heaven for the cross. He called you His before you were even given a name.

And she believes knowing you're His is the antidote for a lot of the hurt we roll around in here on earth.

For anxiety and panic.

For depression and loneliness.

For disordered eating and insecurity.

For disappointment and let downs.

For comparison and jealousy.

For embarrassment and shame.

For heart ache, heart break and heart fake.

For every last bit of brokenness we can carry to the table.

For the sharp edges, chunky shards and the finest splinters.

The only thing that defines us? Being His. And when we know, understand and walk in the truth of who He says we are?

Oh, girl.

E V E R Y T H I N G changes.

Because I'm His is a place where we dig into this reality. It's an online community that exists to remind women that we are His. That it all starts and ends in that holy truth. We belong to the Creator of the Universe and being His changes everything.

We are so happy you're here.

Grab your favorite drink, plop down on your coziest couch and poke around for a while.

Love, peace and joy,



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