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Wanna have a coffee date and talk about the good stuff? The hard stuff? Gospel stuff?

Ever wish you could sit down and hash out who you really are with someone? Ever question your identity?


Do you crave these conversations in your everyday life but just not know how the heck to start them?

Let us tell you about your chance to win a

Real Talk.


Real Talk is part coffee-date, part wine-night. It's a girls night — kind of. But it's also a little rough around the edges. It's a place where you can ask the hard questions about who you are, confess the messy stuff that keeps you from believing you're who God says you are and still be met with the fiercest form of grace. Together, we'll uncover the lies you're believing about your identity and discover who you really are.





It isn't counseling. It isn't therapy. It isn't life coaching. I have no professional training or experience in any of the above (or anything related). It isn't meant to replace or substitute for the value of professional counseling or therapy — in fact, I am a firm believer in, advocate for and patron of professional counseling and recommend it to any and everyone. There is no shame. There is no stigma. Counseling is beneficial in both crisis / trauma and the monotony of every day life. If you haven't explored it yet — I encourage you to take that first step with a trusted counselor in your community. Now back to Real Talk — a conversation about lies and about truth, between friends.



Three winners will receive:


  • A 30-minute Skype date with our founder, Diana Carter, where you'll talk all about what God says about you and how you can live in the fullness of the reality of who you really are.

  • A pre-call worksheet to fill out and return to Diana to assist in guiding your time together.

  • A personalized post-call recap of your time with Diana. This recap will equip you with encouraging scripture and Biblical truths specifically related to the elements of your identity focused on during your call.

  • A scheduled group virtual hangout with Diana and other Real Talk winners for a group debrief.



The contest will run from Tuesday, March 6th through Friday, March 16th. All entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM ET. One entry per person.
Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Winners (3) will be selected at random and be announced on Monday, March 19th (on Instagram and via email). Skype dates will be scheduled based on winner's and Diana's ability to meet. If a call needs to be rescheduled by either party, 24-hours notice must be given or the win will be voided. The group virtual hangout will be scheduled after the third and final individual Real Talk occurs. The date of the group virtual hangout will be scheduled based on winners' and Diana's ability to meet.

Real Talk.

Enter below for your chance to win a

Thank you for entering to win an Identity Chat with Diana! Winners will be announced on Instagram and by email on Monday, March 19th. Best of luck, girl!

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