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"I don't know where or how to start."
"I don't really have the time to dig in."
"It seems really complicated."
"I don't know what to underline or highlight or circle."

I hear this from women in my life all the time. I hear it from the real-life women I mentor and I hear it from the women of the Because I'm His tribe too.

I see a generation of women paralyzed by limiting beliefs when it comes to opening their Bibles.

I see women who genuinely want to dive in — but they just don't know how.

I see moms and wives and friends and sisters who desperately want to reap the benefits of digging into God's word — but they are held back by the thought that their time in their Bibles has to look and feel a certain way.

And more than that — I see an enemy lurking in the shadows, silently cheering as he keeps us from the life-giving truth living within the pages of our Bibles.

Girl — here is the honest-to-God truth:


Reading your Bible doesn't have to be complicated. 

You don't need all the pretty pens and craft paper journals. You don't need the commentaries or the 60-day reading plans or the fancy pants studies.

And while all those things are good and incredibly helpful — for some of us, they can actually be a barrier to the One who we are so desperate to know: Jesus.

Introducing No-Frills Jesus.

No-Frills Jesus is a 100% free resource to help get you into a regular rhythm of spending time in God's word. And you can hop in at any time!

No pens, journals or study guides required. All you need is a Bible and an email address.

What will I get when I sign-up?

When you sign-up for No-Frills Jesus, you will begin receiving a single email each morning, Monday through Friday.

It's nothing fancy. This is the no-frills version, remember?

Each email will include:

  • A chunk of scripture in two translations (English Standard Version and The Message). We will start by going through the Gospel of John.

  • 2-3 Things to Consider as you read.

  • 2 Kick-Around Questions to think over as you process what you've read.

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