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Every now and then my mind tries to trick me into believing that I'm still that girl.

Sometimes it's when I least expect it and others — it's right on time.

"Don't do it. You'll get too anxious."

"Just make up an excuse and cancel. What if you have a panic attack while yo...


I went to a small Christian university about an hour and a half southwest of Charlotte, NC. It was nestled deep in the heart of a one-stoplight town between the World's Smallest Post Office and a coffee shop that made chai lattes straight from Heaven.

It was the kind of...


So — what's the big deal about identity? What's the hubbub about this whole "your identity is in Christ" thing? Why does Because I'm His put so much emphasis on belonging to God and being His? Aren't I my own woman? Isn't it biblical to be independent and strong?

We get...

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Because I'm His exists to cultivate a community of women who are rooted in their Biblical identities and who are walking in the fullness of that reality.

We are so glad you're here.

Grab your favorite cozy drink and stick around for a while.

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