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Don't Just Deal

Going From Surviving to Thriving When Everything Changes

Don't Just Deal With It is a 30-day devotional designed to take you from surviving to THRIVING in seasons of change.

Change. Ironically, it's one of life’s constants. We can never outrun it, escape it or avoid it. It’s everywhere.


Sometimes we choose it and sometimes it chooses us. Sometimes it's blatantly good and sometimes it seems anything but that.


There’s one thing change always has in common: it’s uncomfortable.


Even the most exciting and anticipated of changes bring about some level of discomfort. And for most of us – the very thought of change even possibly floating into our carefully controlled reality makes us want to scrap the clay masks and rose water facial toners and just crawl right out of our skin.


Don't Just Deal is a 30-day journey with one purpose: to root you in the One who never changes. In a series of daily devotional readings, you'll dig through types of change, why change rattles you, how to gracefully navigate change that chooses you, how to bravely walk into changes you choose, and how to focus on the permanence God through even the most painful transitions.


Don't Just Deal will awaken you to the reality that you can thrive – not just survive – when everything changes.

I bought this for my fiancée, and she said that this was a wonderful read. Full of inspiration and encouragement for women of any age. She mentioned to me that each devotional made her feel closer in her relationship with Jesus, and inspired her to strengthen her prayer life.



WOW! What an incredible book. What honesty, and transparency, and bravery, and guts mirrored with such wisdom, and intelligence, and insight, and truth. Favorite quote of the book... "You are not in control. You never have been and never will be. More control does not equal more peace." Preach sister!


As a fellow clinical anxiety sufferer (who is still battling depression as well through both therapy and medication), I wanted to let you know that I so appreciated this book and all that you put into it. I hope you know that you are positively impacting so many women through your work and it is very clear through your writing just what a beautiful human being you are! I'm so encouraged to hear your story, to hear how you have learned to cope and THRIVE in your life, and do so right here, right now. You are an inspiration!


In "Don't Just Deal", Diana Carter succeeds in her goal to take the reader "from surviving to thriving when everything changes". Her honesty in sharing her personal struggles through change and her journey to finding true identity in Jesus will inspire you to also trust Him in the inevitable changes in life. The questions and prayer nudge at the end of each day encourages alone time with Jesus that enriches your ability to trust Him and believe "you are His". I highly recommend this book to all ages.


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