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Here's the thing: You are His. It all starts and ends with this truth.

Because I'm His is a community of women rooted in their Biblical identities and walking in the fullness of that reality.

We exist to remind ourselves and each other that our identity is not daughter or sister or mother or friend. We are not confined to our definition as wife or student or roommate or barista.

We are prized possessions of the most high King. We are co-heirs with Christ.

We are His.


We believe that the only way to truly know who we are is to be deeply rooted in who we are in Christ. We believe that the truest thing about us is that we belong to God and we are deeply and permanently loved by Him. We believe that nothing and no one gets to define us except that position and the God who gives it to us.


We believe that true freedom is walking in the fullness of our Biblical identity in Christ.


To do this, we must first know Christ. We must know what God's words says about who He is and what He's done for us.


After that, we must know we belong to Christ. We must know that we aren't an old book He tosses upon His heavenly bookshelf to collect dust, but instead, we are His prized possession. We are that thing He would run into a burning building for. We are the people He went to hell and back for.


Lastly, we must know what being His means for us. How does it shape the way we view ourselves? How does it shape the way we live? 




We cheer each other on with the truth of God's word.


Brief daily devotionals are posted daily on Instagram at @becauseimhis. Long-form topical blog posts are posted at and, soon, we'll have resources available in our Shop.


We equip each other for the battle against our identity. We do this in community. With Him and with each other. 


We do this online, in-person and everywhere in between.


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Meet Our Founder

Diana Carter founded Because I'm His in 2016 in the midst of a paralyzing season of anxiety and panic.


What started as a personal means of survival  found only in the confines of her journal eventually turned into an Instagram account (@becauseimhis) used to process the season in which she felt stuck. The only way to silence the lies attacking her identity was to speak back to them with the truth of who she was in Christ. When the account began to take off as a viable means of encouragement for women, she knew the Lord was redeeming her pain. Her passion for women to know their God-given identities was born out of darkness. And it's something she prays she will forever get to bring into the light.

Diana lives in Charlotte, NC with her smokin' hot husband, Tyler; the World's Cutest Baby, Leander; and their bear dog, Elliot. Together, they binge watch Bravo! and brewery hop with friends.

In May 2018, she published her first book, Don't Just Deal: Going from Surviving to Thriving When Everything Changes. It's a 30-day devotional written with the Because I'm His tribe in mind and is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

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